1) London Marathon, 16th April 2000


No idea how I completed this one! It must have been youthful energy! I had no real training plan but knew about long runs which were three hour out and backs along the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, carrying water but not eating. I also knew trainers were important so just picked the most expensive pair in the shop. I still don’t know whether they were neutral or stability shoes.

Race day nutrition intake was limited to zero and I hit the wall big time at mile 22. Luckily a small child was on hand to give me a mini mars bar and I muddled through the last 4 miles to finish in 4:15:54 on the clock. This was pre-timing chips at the start so it’s gun time and it must have taken us 10 minutes to get the the start line after the gun went off.

An amazing experience and one I swore not to repeat due to the amount of training involved….

Learning points

Marathon ticked off the bucket list so no need to dwell on all the things I could have done differently.


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