3) Loch Ness Marathon, 2nd October 2011

After Edinburgh marathon I ran the 7 hills race in Edinburgh and Dunfermline Half Marathon and was enjoying my running.

As the injury had affected my Edinburgh marathon, a friend talked me into this one, suggesting that I already had the miles in my legs and showed me the runners world training programs. [Link to be added]

I followed this (with adaptations for life) and didn’t get injured. The same friend also suggested a goal time that he thought was achievable (3:30) and I believed him, so I set out with my Garmin screen showing pace and ran a fairly consistent pace all the way, going a bit quicker on the downhills and slowing on the uphills. Coming into Inverness I knew a massive PR was within my grasp but almost ruined it by starting my finishing sprint at mile 25 as I passed the Fife support team. I cramped up and hobbled the last mile finishing in 3:26:53.

Learning points

[To follow]

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