23) Santa Rosa Marathon, Santa Rosa, CA, 28th August 2016

Friend doing it, persuaded us to make trip. Flew Friday. Berkeley, drove up Saturday. Fun registration at vineyard.

Race Sunday. Early start. dark

Decided to go out for PR. pacer got lost. Run an extra mile by the time we got back on course. Tough mentally as I knew I would be unlikely to PR. Still pushed and felt strong through mile 16. Nice route through vineyards.

ran out of energy at mile 18 (I’d run 19). Last 20 were run walk.

Finished in 3:18:54 but ran an extra mile. Happy with time. Took some food and drink at the finish festival whilst waiting for friends. Didn’t hang around though as had afternoon tailgate with friends organized.

Learning points

Focus on the moment and be prepared to refocus. If time lost, don’t try to make it up immediately – a marathon is a long way.


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