29) Mountain Masochist Trail Run, 50 miler, Lynchburg, VA, 5th November 2016

[To expand] Not really trained for it but run several road marathons and done a few long back to backs. Goal was to complete the race within the time limit as it would qualify me for the West Highland Way Race application process.

Drove down night before and stayed at race hotel. Pasta buffet dinner.

Breakfast of bagel and coconut water, then coconut water on bus and banana at start. Cold and dark start. Head torch for first 6 miles and amazing sun rise over the mountains.

Felt good over first half of course. Drop bag at half way with coconut water and additional nutrition for second half but was also eating at checkpoints. Hills got to me in second part. Worth it for views. Tired over last 10 and walked sections (lack of training). Managed to run last three miles and over finish line.

Very welcome bowl of chilli from village store over the road. Then bus back to hotel.

Fun race and scenic.

Lesson learned

Lots of endurance training was enough to get me through but need to do more specific training for West Highland Way Race.

M running Mountain Masochist 50 mile race in Virginia (22) 05-11-2016

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