35) Georgia Xterra Thrill In The Hills, Winder, GA, 18th February 2017

Time: 3:34:22 Place: 6/104


Training for WHWR. End of first high mileage block. Wanted to do back to back long runs as a confidence boost. Given time of year I was expecting bad weather in DC / North so decided to head South. I hadn’t run in Georgia before so this race looked interesting and could be turned into a road trip by racing near Nashville the next day.

Both races were to be treated as training runs.

Drove down on the Friday and stayed in Winder near the race start.

Race morning

Bagel with PB&J. Short drive to start. Easy parking and packet pick up.

The race

Lovely two lap course on undulating and twisty forest trails. Took first lap easy, got a bit carried away on second lap and pushed the pace. Feeling good and passing people. Strong finish. But in pushing I lost track of my fueling strategy. 

Good post-race refreshments. A fun event, well organized on a nice course. I would definitely recommend it.

Lessons learned

Need to strengthen my resolve to treat races as training runs.

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