36) NRC Dry Creek Trail Marathon, Nashville, TN, 19th February 2017

Dry Creek Marathon (1) 19-02-2017

Time: 3:42:05 Place: 5/38


Second of two back to back marathons, after Georgia Thrill in the Hills on Saturday. After that race and a brief cool down, I jumped in the car to drive the 5 hours to Ashland City just outside Nashville. I stopped a couple of times on the way and had booked into a motel in Ashland City to be close to the race start. Dinner was at a local restaurant looking out on the river, and a beer, then back to the motel to lay out my kit and for an early night.

Race morning

Bagel with PB&J. Lovely drive to the start as the sun was rising. Friendly packet pick up and good atmosphere with a mix of marathon and half marathon runners.

The race

Two lap course. Took first lap easy, especially on the one big climb as my legs were feeling very tired. There was no danger of getting carried away on the second lap as tiredness took over. I managed to keep up a good pace to the finish but was running with an energy deficit from the previous day.

I was happy with my time given the race the previous day but with better pre-race fueling I could have gone quicker as it’s a lovely course and very runnable.

Good post-race refreshments. A fun event, well organized on a nice course. I would definitely recommend it.

Lessons learned

Need to take on more fuel during races on day 1 of back to back weekends. Minimize the deficit after race one.

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