38) Runamuck 50k, Woodstock, VT, 8th April 2017

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My wife was in New York for the weekend with work so I decided that I would do a weekend of back to back races

Long drive up on the Friday night through dark and snow. Stayed in race hotel in Woodstock (very comfortable – coffee machine on landing outside room!).

Race morning

Up early, still dark. Watch gathering light from hotel room, whilst drinking coffee and eating PB&J bagel. Short drive to start. Coconut water and banana at start. Cold wearing layers. Picked up number which was very informal – take top one off pile and note your name on the list. Race briefing – route changed due to snow on some of the higher roads.


Set off at good pace but not too hard – first 5 miles or so are all up hill. Let people get ahead of me. Slow and steady for the first 20 miles. With 10 to go, started pushing it a bit. Knew last 6 miles were all downhill to the finish.

Managed to overtake 10 people in last 10 miles. Finished with strong downhill run. Finish time 4:09:19 and 5th place.

Award for person who travelled furthest for race was voucher for Worthy Kitchen. Had lunch there on way towards Rhode Island.

Learning points

Start slow and finish strong has great psychological benefits – overtaking people in last part of race.

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