47) Northern Ohio Marathon, Mentor, OH, Oct 1st 2017

Time: 3:28:08 Place: 25/346

Race Preparation

I selected this race as it was convenient (on the way back from Michigan), I’d not raced in Ohio, they allowed race day packet pick up and the entry fee was very reasonable.

Having been building up the miles over a month or so, and racing the previous day, I was only treating this as a training run.

I ate a decent meal a couple of hours after the Hungerford Race and had a Mexican meal the night before. I also wore compression tights after the race, though I’m not sure how much of a benefit they had.



Race morning

I slept well but my legs and body felt tired from racing the previous day. I had a PB&J bagel in the hotel room, then made the short drive to the start. Registration was straight forward and there was plenty of parking and rest room facilities.

The race

The field seemed large at the start as the half marathon and marathon started at the same time on the same course. I started near the middle of the field given my tired legs. The first 6 miles were fun with plenty of other runners around but once the course split there was more running on my own, which is less fun on tired legs (I kept reminding myself this was good training for Ironman!). There were regular well stocked and crewed aid stations along the route, and the course was kept interesting with a full mix of urban running terrain including some sections on cycle paths. The final few miles were lovely, on trails through a park with lake views.

As I had started at a comfortable pace and stuck with it throughout the race, I was still feeling strong (but tired) at the end which gave me a confidence boost as I was catching people. It was a fun race and well organized with a great community atmosphere.

Fueling consisted of a packet of clif shots and three gels. I also carried a camelback filled with electrolytes (Nuun).

Lessons learned

It was a good confidence boost for IM Maryland and proved my foot was recovered. The course felt fast with no big climbs or descents but enough undulations to provide variation.


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