61) Fast Track to Boston, Alexandria, VA, May 12th 2018

Time: 3:24:29  Place: 1/6 (starters, 4 finishers)


The 105 aid stations!

This race was organized by the same race director who put on the Potomac River Run Marathon. I had no plans for the day, other than to do a long run so it was a good opportunity to get the long run in whilst also providing mental training for a multi-lap race. The track was  full size track so we would need to run 105.5 laps.


I had no taper for this race and planned to treat it as a supported long run, focusing on my pace and ignoring those around me. At this point in my training the focus is on running the miles, not necessarily at the pace that I intend to run for #Edinburgh24.

Race Morning

I had a PB&J bagel then cycled to the high school in Alexandria (12 miles). I had a cliff bar on the ride to try and keep the fuel levels up, and drank coconut water. I had a banana when I arrived at the track, where I changed from cycling to running gear, then helped Jay set up the aid station.

The race was due to start at 10, but it was closer to 10:15 by the time we were in position half way round the track and ready to go. As the race had been a late addition to the race calendar (and probably also partly due to the forecast hot day), there were 6 of us lined up at the start.

The Race

I started of lapping at sub-7 minute mile pace and felt good but it was already warm and getting hotter. With the only shade on the course being 3 gazebos over the track, this wasn’t a day for PRs so after completing around 6 miles at this pace I allowed myself to slow.

The pace got slower as the miles increased and the heat increased. The last 6 miles were mentally very tough, though my body felt fine and I knew I was going to finish.

I crossed the line in 3:24 which was first place, and then walked loops of the track to cool down (before the 12 mile cycle home) and to cheer on the other runners.

Nutrition. Clif Shot bloks consumed from miles 5 to 14. Gel at mile 18 and 22. Water at aid stations.

Learning points

This would have been more fun if I’d set out with a heat adjusted goal in mind, rather than trying to get as far as I could while it was relatively cool.


The limited shade on the course!

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