64) Grant Pierce Indoor Marathon, Arlington, VA, June 24th 2018

Time: 3:14:53  Place: 2/10


My #Edinburgh24 training plan had me running 40km (24 miles) on the Saturday and 50k (31 miles) on the Sunday so running an indoor marathon seemed a good way to get the miles in whilst avoiding the heat.  


Coming at the end of a one hundred mile training week I knew I wouldn’t be racing this one so the plan was to set out steady and finish strong on the final laps. An afternoon start meant I would be cycling to the race and planned to fit in a few miles before and afterwards to take me to the days mileage.

Race Morning

I had a late big breakfast (Little Red Fox breakfast burrito) and a pastry (to carb load). I had an energy drink on the 40 minute cycle to the sports hall in Arlington. I arrived early so had a couple of fig rolls then ran 2.5 miles in the streets nearby. It was hot so I was glad of the air conditioned course for the race!

I registered on my way in to the sports hall and met my lap counter, then laid out my nutrition (gels and coconut water.

The Race

It turned out there were 11 of us racing. I set out at a steady pace and quickly found myself in third place. The laps went by quickly in the first quarter of the race and I felt good, though I allowed myself to get carried away and ‘run just a couple more laps before hydration / gel’. The second quarter was tough as result (and because of tired legs from the big training week and the 24 miles the day before). I picked up after my second gel (Carboom) at around halfway (after a toilet break). The third quarter felt better and I felt strong going into the last quarter and picked up the pace.

One person ahead of me had dropped out so I knew I was in second place but didn’t know how many laps behind the race leader I was. The push in the last quarter meant I was starting to unlap myself and I was feeling good, whilst he was obviously tiring. I kept pushing although my focus was on finishing the laps not on position. He took the bell while I had just over two laps left so I knew I wouldn’t win but still pushed on for the last couple of laps to finish in under 3:15. My fastest indoor marathon time by 10 minutes (this was my third indoor marathon)

Learning points

Stick to nutrition plan and don’t get carried away when feeling good.

The training plan is working – I was still feeling strong at the end of a 100+ mile week.

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